Out on FEBRUARY 28th, 2020


Ultime Eclat

Le Rivage

Et puis le Soufre

Acta est Fabula

Ce qu’il y a de Chaos

Vers le Zéro Absolu

Les Grands Champs d’Hiver

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After two highly regarded opus – the “1994” EP (2012) and “Sur les Falaises de Marbre” (2015), GLACIATION had printed their singular mark in the genre with their blend of raw Black Metal and eerie romantism.

Benefiting from a whole new line-up, the band, recreated around their vocalist Hreidmarr (ex-Anorexia Nervosa, ex- CNK), with their album “Ultime Eclat” (“Ultimate Sparkle”) carry on their road with even less compromise and a renewed sense of authenticity.

Production wise, the instruments are recorded Live so the production can capture the very essence of what made Black Metal, in a tribute to the timeless tonal imprint invented by the 90’s most inspired bands of the genre. The music develops and enriches the atmospheric textures the band has been known for, with a more radical sense of aggressivity and epicness, while laying the stress on possessed vocals and evocative french sung lyrics.

If the world is at end, let this ultimate sparkle shine bright !



Hreidmarr: vocals

Arnhwald: guitars/synths/clean vocals

Sethnacht: guitars

Grégoire G.: drums

Katia von Wasgau: bass & mellotron



Cecil G. (ex Anorexia Nervosa, Au Champ des Morts): clean vocals and choirs

Luciferia (Ende, Reverence): additionnal songwriting on “Et puis le Soufre” & “Le Rivage”

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