The Veil Of Darkness

11 tracks – out on 01/25/2019



01. Son of perdition

02. Still six six six

03. This is war

04. The veil of darkness

05. Border of the forest

06. Path of doom

07. The roots of my fantasies

08. Burned for him

09. Depraved conception

10. Posthumous bewitchment

11. Our crusade

Formed in 1991 in the south of France by Chris (guitar/vocal), the band, pioneer of black metal in its country, with different line-ups, played 2 gigs in 1992 and released its unique and classic studio 4 track demo tape « Call from unknown depths ».
In 1993, a Italian label published their 3 songs E.P. « Immortal horde », the very first E.P. for a French black metal band. The band played gigs with No return, Mercyless or Samaël. During Gorgon’s show, the latter Swiss band notices their second guitarist at this period, who will join Samaël later.
They played as headliner in Italy with Opera IX in 1994 and recorded their first album « The Lady rides a black horse » which was released in CD in 1995 with lyrics about satanism,witchcraft and dark topics.
« Reign of obscenity », the second studio album was released in 1996, published as tape version next year by a Slovakian label.  Rougher and more melodic, it always contains the same subjects in lyrics.
Containing an interactive cd-rom part (including clips, photos, translation of lyrics, bio and so on), a thing rather rare for a underground band at this time, « The jackal pact » is the next album in 1998.
The fourth album was released in 2000. Called « The spectral voices », it included bagpipes on two songs and lyrics more war influenced.
After more than 30 gigs, hundreds of reviews and interviews worldwide in mags ans zines, 10 appearances on international CD compilations and more than 30 international compilation tapes from underground labels or distributors, the band stopped its activities in 2001.
A re-issue of the first album in CD format was made in 2010 by a English label with bonus tracks and new artwork (a Malaysian label released a cassette version in 1997 and in 2017 a Mexican label will release a vinyl version). In 2011, out came a split CD with the band O.T.A.L. released by three French labels. The Gorgon section was composed of unreleased songs, alternative mixes and cover songs. The same year a CD compilation, « Evoking the ancient forces of Gorgon », is out on a Mexican label.
After years of silence, Chris decided to compose new songs and joined Osmose’s legions at the end of 2017. Few months later, two French labels have re-issued the 1992 demo on vinyl format.
With its new blackest album recorded during the summer months of 2018 and featured original member Chris primary instrumentalist and also utilising a session drummer, 2019 will be the year of Gorgon’s triumphant return.