Free Sampler 2016

Here is your Fuckristmas gift:

 a 13 songs sampler with songs from Osmose Productions bands!

Download the SAMPLER
Download the sleeve to print your own : here

  1. ABHOMINE “Crown Of Flies” (from Larvae Offal Swine album)
  2. ABYSSIC ” Sombre Dreams” (from A Winter’s Tale album)
  3. BLACK FUCKING CANCER “A Sigil Of Burning Flesh” (from the 2016 album)
  4. CRYFEMAL “Requiem Eterno” (from D6s6nti6rro)
  5. DARKESTRAH “Gleaming Madness” (from Turan)
  6. ELDERBLOOD “Thagirion’s Sun” (from Messiah)
  7. KERASPHORUS “Through The Spiral Void” (from Necronaut + Cloven Hooves at the Holocaust Dawn)
  8. LIBER-NULL “Below and Beyond” (from I, The Serpent)
  9. MELEK-THA & HORTH PROJEKT “Exorkismvs Reqviem Confvtatis Maldictis” (from Exorkismus Requiem)
  10. NORDJEVEL “Djevelen I Nord” (from the 2016 album)
  11. PHAZM “Howling For You” (from Scornful Of Icons)
  12. PRINCIPALITY OF HELL “Sons Of the Desert” (from Sulfur & Bane)
  13. SEKTEMTUM “Ebony Grand Master” (from Panacea)

Now, follow us on :

Panacea LP

Limited edition to 300 copies, white vinyl, uncoated 350g jacket and uncoated 300g printed innersleeve.

sektemtum_panacea white LP

SEKTEMTUM Panacea out!

Recorded during endless nights, through spontaneity and suffering.
No rehearsal had been planned before entering the studio. They wanted to make a record in a hurry, following the mood of the moment.
Unique, original and inspired by all the things that influenced them during all these years. Without any boundaries or limitations, PANACEA is a subtle combination of idleness, suffering, solitude, a nocturnal atmosphere and the will to overcome…


LP, limited edition 300 white vinyl.

Printed on reverse board 350 cover with uv spot, printed innersleeve.

(Pre Order for the moment, sent on 06/24/2016)


CD jewel case

FullSizeRender (1) FullSizeRender


2 sides, 1 colour. Gildan heavy cotton. S, M, L, XL.